The kitten who has the most fiber wins.

It's good to be the king

Mittens is obviously full of WIN. Now, if he only had thumbs.


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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5 Responses to

  1. Mouse says:

    hee hee hee. That’s awesome!

  2. sopranospinner says:

    Saw you on (Tivo’d) Knitty Gritty this morning, so cool!

  3. loopykd says:

    So, where do you sleep then?

  4. Roxie says:

    Promise Mittens that if he’s Very Good, you will get him thumbs for Christmas. (Kittens are incapable of being Very Good.)

  5. KnitNana says:

    THAT’s some stash….

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