I borrowed a spinning wheel last night from one of my new Ravelry friends (who coincidentally knows other people I know, making it a small world kind of thing) and am finding the whole process very frustrating. It’s single treadle, somehow I keep reversing the wheel and unspinning what I’ve just spun and it goes SO fast so I can’t draft as I go. And then if I try to slow it down, we’re back to reversing the wheel by mistake. Frustrating as hell. I am very sure that when I buy a wheel it will be a double treadle wheel. I tried one last night at SnB and liked it much better. Till then, I can fight with the loaner wheel and get a sense of how to do it.

I keep looking at my spindled yarns and reassuring myself that I’m actually a decent spinner. It’s the only way I can keep from shrieking and crying in frustration and ripping all my hair out.

I was on the brink of that last night when I noticed that one of the carefully pre-drafted lengths of fiber I’d laid out on the back of my chair had gone missing. I looked around for a second and then I noticed the following. It cheered me up immediately.

kittens corriedale iv

many more pictures of what two kittens can do with a length of corriedale, on my flickr.

Little. Sneak. Thieves.

Fortunately, I’ve got several pounds of corriedale, BFL and BFL extra fine from Copper Moose in my fiber stash, as well as two pounds of roving from Beaverslide. I have NO problem using all of it up on the learning process. That’s what it is for and I can always buy more, right? My dreams of spinning enough yarn for a sweater or a shawl can still be realized and it doesn’t have to be *that* particular batch of fiber.

It’s so frustrating to go from having a sense of mastery over spinning with the spindle, to feeling like a rank beginner again (and a bad one!) with the wheel. I suck at being new and not good at things. The good part about this is that it tends to piss me off and I obsess persevere until I get a sense of mastery over whatever it is, so that bodes well for the learning process I guess.

Back to the wheel.


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Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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  1. KnitNana says:

    I love the kitty shot – they aren’t dummies…they know a great toy when they see one…

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