strawberry fields

I suppose I could go get some books on spinning. In fact, I probably ought to do that. But honestly, I’ve always been more of a “do it and figure it out as you go” kind of girl. Self taught is how I learn everything.

My intent with this fiber was to get something resembling wool sock yarn. I probably won’t make socks, it’s not superwash, but maybe mittens or arm warmers or mitts. So my first batch (Strawberry Fields, corriedale, from Spunky Eclectic) is exactly the weight I wanted, and the ply is nice and tight like I wanted – but it’s so not balanced. It definitely required way more twist to ply tightly than I had put into the singles. So the next spindleful, which I am spinning up today, will have more twist to the singles and we’ll see if I get a tight ply with a balanced result. I’m sure I could read about it and I probably will eventually, but it’s also fun to just TRY things and try to hack it using my brain. So that’s what I’m doing with all the 4oz bags of fiber from Spunky and the random purchases from Etsy. Doing. Learning. Hacking.

strawberry fields macro

I’m getting a loaner spinning wheel tonight after SnB and I am SO damn excited. OMG. There will be Spinning Wheel in my living room. How cool is that??

We are not discussing Pomotamus, which I had to rip back all the way to the ribbing, rather than just half a repeat. I weep, I cry, I start over. I love knitting, I love knitting, I am a process knitter, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Also, it is sweet enough to make your teeth hurt around here.

bathtime iv

Also, have y’all seen this? Can opener kidnapping. You should totally get in on it. Big heap fun with kitchen utensils!


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  1. KnitNana says:

    Well, your method is a good one – that’s how folks had to learn at the beginning anyway (tho’ I admit girls usually had mom or grandmom to watch over their first spinnings…). But it looks GOOD to THIS untrained eye!
    The babies are adorable

  2. geogrrl says:

    Normally, I’m not a “pink” sort, but LOVE that “Strawberry Fields” colourway. The ply looks fine to me, but what do I know?

    I’m also a “learn as you go” type. I might circle it for a little, prodding and poking, then I jump in. I try, realize I have it ass-backward, swear, erase/rip, try again. Yes, it takes longer but I keep reminding myself it’s more fun thisway.

  3. sopranospinner says:

    I spin a lot of sock yarn and I think it looks lovely, but if you think it will bias or something, then you can always knit it in rib.

    Or if bias is not a problem, just you think it won’t be durable enough with this twist, then do the toes and heels in something stronger. But I really like the yarn!

  4. if time exists says:

    That’s how my spinning has been going, “learn as you go”. I did get a book a few weeks ago that I haven’t read yet: Spindle Spinning: from Novice to Expert. I love that every time I spin I seem to be improving. Yours is looking great! I need some brightly colored fiber.

  5. Will Pillage For Yarn says:

    thanks, SS! Bias is not much of a problem for me with what I have this yarn earmarked for, this batch will probably end up as mitts rather than socks, and probably will involve ribbing at that. I’m gonna try some superwash for socks, just so I can care for them more easily!

    Time – try the Spunky Eclectic roving of the month club. $15 a month, you get 2-4 oz (usually 4, but its’ 2 if she sends out silk or cashmere or luxe fiber) of brightly and beautifully dyed fiber. It’s great for learning and not a huge investment, so you can have fun on the cheap, plus the colorways? Made of WIN.

    Geo, I adore this colorway so much! It’s been one of my favorites since it arrived.

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