Everybody loves kittens, right?

kitten smoosh

Everyone also loves roving and I likes me some rovings from Sock Pr0n.

glass eurydice

This is really pretty and the colorway is called “Glass Eurydice”. Subtle greys and pinks blend together. I think this will make a beautiful yarn. I’m going to see if I can’t get something resembling a 2 ply sock yarn from it. This is the same artist who made my “Blake’s Lamb” roving and I just adore her stuff.

I have been indulging myself with softer colors lately, though I normally am drawn towards the brighter end of the spectrum (with sock yarns at least.)

STR-rose quartz

I so need to chill out with the acquisition of new stash. It’s really been ridiculous. I don’t have the money. But there is just something about fiber that is hard to resist. I’m putting myself on restriction here though, there’s still my Pigeonroof order coming, and Fiber Fest in August, and I think maybe I need to give my savings account a little time to cool off.

I think I’ve figured out the allure of sock yarn for me though. When I was a new knitter, I went through the standard “buy random yarn in amounts that were insufficient, just on a squeeful whim” thing and ended up with a lot of yarn that I have to find single skein projects for, or combine, or whatever. Or just hide in shame. Sock yarn is sort of the same thing, but with guaranteed satisfaction at the end. No matter if you buy ONE skein on a whim because the colorway makes you go splodey, you will get a project’s worth from it. Anklets or a pair of full on socks, you will have something wearable. It’s not a sweater’s worth of investment. It is whimsy, in wool and color. I love it so.

The one nice thing I have to say about Ravelry is that the patterns and queue functions are really nice. I’ve earmarked a large amount of my sock yarn stash for specific projects and that makes me feel like I might be a little more productive on the actual finishing front. It is also nice to look at a skein of yarn and not just see “random stash” but actually be able to say “This will be a Bellatrix sock.” or whatever.

Speaking of. OMG. Bellatrix, y’all. OMGdeatheaters. I am so making a pair of these in Lorna’s Laces Purple Iris. How witchy and awesome. I think they might be fantastic in Jungle Stripe, too.

I had a fantastic tea at Jin Patisserie today, with a friend from one of my online tea forums. If you live in So Cal, you really should check out Jin’s afternoon tea. They also just have great cakes or sandwiches. The tea is well done and the garden is nifty. It always makes me happy to go there.

pear william


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Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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2 Responses to

  1. sopranospinner says:

    I’m doing Bellatrix, too. But you might know that from Ravelry, I suppose. They are coming out great, though large so I’ve decreased some at the ankle. They will make great mindless knitting for my plane ride!

  2. Mouse says:

    I have the Bellatrix & the Horocrux patterns queued on Ravelry as well and I can’t wait until I finish my STR socks to cast on one of them.

    And yes.. kitten photos are always good.

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