I took a page from the Yarn Harlot’s blog and decided that we’d be having themed fiber days around here.

Monday can be Christmas Was 6 Months Ago, Finish That Damn Painter’s Scarf Already Mondays.
Wednesday can be Finish Tiki’s Scratchy, Uncomfortable Fair Isle Sweater, Winter Is Coming And You Want To Embarrass The Dog Don’t You? Wednesdays.
Fridays are going to be Roving Is Taking Over The Apartment, Spin Something Please Fridays.

Go figure, spinning leads to yarn just like the Harlot said! I’d had some Spunky Club languishing on the spindle for months and about 2oz of roving left to spin and ply. It’s so old, I don’t remember the colorway. Rose, blue, violet, golden yellows. It’s very pretty and I remembered how to Andean ply, resulting in 4 small skeins of chunky two ply that I think will probably knit up into a reasonably nifty (if scratchy) hat. Now all I have to do is tackle the last 9 months of Spunky Club offerings. Oy.

Monday the plan is to skein up the second skein of Lisa Souza that I need for TDPS and get a chunk into that.

We’re not talking about Wednesday out loud. Tiki doesn’t like wearing her S-W-E-A-T-E-R-S. I think she’s convinced that all the other dogs are laughing at her when she wears them. I think I’ll just try to knit it when she isn’t looking.

To reward myself, I dug some Schaeffer Helene (50%/50% silk/merino) out of my stash that The Handsome Cabin Boy gave me for my birthday about two years ago, and cast on for Clapotis. Because you know, yes, I do need something else on the needles to reward my diligence in dealing with the old stuff on the needles.

About 60% through sock #2 in LL’s “Iris”, though this one ended up being LL, Cherry Tree Hill and Koigu stripey goodness. It sort of matches the first one, in that it contains some of the same yarn, but doesn’t match a bit otherwise. I’m getting rid of some small sock yarn balls and leftovers, so figured I’d knit a bunch of mismatched but “related” socks and then I’ll always have a “pair” no matter which ones are in the wash. I am brilliant. Also, I think I saw something like that for sale once online, and so it is not really my idea but still brilliant and I am smart to have remembered it.

Digital camera is MIA, therefore there are no pictures of the roving which my friend Reesa at String Theory sent me this week. There’s 4 oz of merino in the Hanauma Bay colorway, plus she gave me some goodies for free! 1.5 oz of merino/BFL/cashmere blend in the Cyberia colorway. Plus a couple of samples of roving as yet unidentified, but verra soft and tres luxe. I will also not be taking pictures of the two skeins of STR that arrived on the same day, one Silkie, one regular. Not yet, anyway.

It seems to be feast or famine with me. I can either be totally frugal or I just blow my budget all to hell. Buying one thing means suddenly I am in a shopping frenzy. Well this month, I broke my good habits and it was a shopping frenzy of fiber. Quicken says my fiber spending was 500% over the budgeted amount, for May.

Er. Oops.

May’s shopping frenzy concluded today, in June, with a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond where I finally bought the comforter set that I’d been wanting to get for my bedroom ever since Mr. YP moved out in January. He’d always had this thing about flowers and hated anything “girly” in our home. Well it’s MY home now and MY bed and dammit, I love feminine, girly things. Not necessarily fru fru ruffles, but I like things that indicate that maybe someone with girl parts* lives here. So now I have them and I likes them very much, precious.

I am sure I will enjoy the beans and rice that I’m going to be eating (ah hell, I’ve earned it) for the next few weeks, as well.

Maybe pictures this week if I ever find my camera and some batteries.

*the youngest’s “Family Life” classes ended this week. State sponsored sex ed, at a federally funded school means abstinence only education. To sum up what my child spent the last month learning, “If you have sex before marriage, you will get chlamydia, get pregnant and DIE.” The instructor used the phrase “man parts” to refer to the external male genitalia. From now on, at our house, we will refer to anything in this area as “parts” and then fall over giggling at the stupid that is public education.


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Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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5 Responses to

  1. Inky says:

    If the school teachers can’t say “penis,” then how in the world will the kids ever learn about assholes?


  2. Will Pillage For Yarn says:

    I think they just realize that assholes are like elbows. Everyone’s got one. And some of them are walking around. 😛

  3. Mouse says:

    “man parts”.. ROFLMAO. Dude.. that’s too funny. Its also scary that they won’t use actual anatomical words in the classroom.

  4. Knitty Cat says:

    What’s wrong with penis? Frankly, I think they’re a hell of a lot of fun!!
    You know, it’s funny, I live in one of the most conservitive states in the nation (60% of the folk here still think bush is the bees knees) and our sex ed class was better than that.
    Of course, I could have taught it. My mom gave me the best ‘talk’ ever.
    I learned that sex is more fun than disneyland (admittedly, she’d been widowed and single for 7 years at that point, i think perhaps rose colored glasses? of course thats if she was refering to sex once as opposed to all sex ever…in that case i’d take sex over disneyland…i digress), I learned that waiting for marriage, or at least adulthood was best, but just in case, I learned that where to get condoms, and that I could buy them without a prescription. I also didn’t eat bratwurst for a couple of years…
    Best sex talk ever.

  5. Lynda the Guppy says:

    Beautiful Comforter set. Feminine without being over-the-top girly.

    I hope you find your camera soon so we can have pictures of all the yarn pretty.

    As for the sex ed class…I went to private schools until the middle of high school then switched to Public. I will never EVER put any child of mine in a public school. My first week I got detention because I argued with my World History teacher. I was arguing that Wales really WAS a part of the U.K.

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