My laptop has been restored and I am slowly getting caught up on all teh internets I missed when forced offline. I don’t know if I will ever catch up on Bloglines, ye gods and generals. Knit bloggers are a prolific bunch. I’m just taking it one blog at a time and with any luck I’ll be caught up by Greek Easter.

Project updates! The Painter’s Scarf is indefinitely stalled and I have no idea when or if we’ll see some discernable progress on it. It’s hard to knit for someone when you’re feeling cranky about them every time you pick it up. Such projects tend to languish in the stash or get violently thrown at the wall and then stuffed between the sofa cushions. My Walk All Over Cancer socks got ripped back and I have not yet settled on a new stitch pattern for them, but I do have a perfectly boring st st sock in Lorna’s Iris Garden going, and just turned the heel on sock #1. Yay. Progress, on something. Yawn.

You’d have thunk I’d have had all this extra knitting time and energy when I was off teh internets, but alas, it was not so. I think about all I do these days is work job #1, work job #2, parent, and sleep. Life has narrowed down to the bare minimum, though I’ve been making a huge effort to get out and be at least minimally social when possible, lest I go starkers. Some friends were playing last night at Synergy so I hopped over there with the Aussie after my shift at the olive oil store and caught the show, along with a glass of sangria at the little cuban place around the corner. Yay wine, fortified with sugar, rum and fruit juice. Oh how I love you. It was nice to get out and see actual people, even if 50% of them are people I work with and see every single day anyway. A vast improvement over Friday night which found me home alone, kids at sleepovers, with half a bottle of cheap merlot from TJ’s, sobbing into pint of Brownie Batter ice cream while Celine Dion wailed on the TV and Leonardo DiCaprio sank slowly into the depths of the frozen Atlantic. Hi, cliche like whoah.

At least today I am off from both jobs, I got to hand my grouchy and uncooperative offspring off to their dad for a few hours and am doing nothing with any redeeming value at all. No laundry, no cleaning, no nothing, nada. Maybe a book, as long as it is fluffy and badly written, with no social commentary. I don’t even know as I’ll knit, that seems too much like “productivity” to me.

Vive le good life.


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  1. sopranospinner says:

    I swear when Leo goes down, I revert back to exactly the girl I was at fifteen, sobbing over teenage hearthrob’s movie death.

    Glad to see you back, though! And I was just thinking, since you work in both coffee and olive oil, I have a question. We have an Italian living with us temporarily who DESPAIRS of the coffee here (L.A. area). Where would you recommend we go for coffee a real Italian would actually like?

    TIA and hoping you feel like doing stuff soon, if that’s what you want.

  2. Will Pillage For Yarn says:

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    Hmmm, I dunno, taste is subjective. I’ve had good coffee at The Bougeious Pig in Los Feliz, and I’ve heard good stuff about this place. I have also had good coffee at Groundwork. Their downtown location has the Clover which pulls an amazing cup of drip coffee. Cafe Luxxe in Santa Monica (on Montana) has great espresso drinks, and the Conservatory in Culver City is also teh awesome.

  3. Will Pillage For Yarn says:

    Oh, actually? Take him to Euro Cafe in Bev Hills. It’s all Italian goodness.

  4. sopranospinner says:

    Thanks!! I will suggest all of these places and get M and DH to try them in their multiple drivings about. They deserve a treat, too. Their short film won Best Foreign Language Film at the San Fernando Valley International Film Festival last night, woo-hoo!

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