Can’t Stop The Yarnwhores, or, My Big Damn Trip to Pasadena

This weekend was the big damn Equality Now/Serenity Now screening, where a lot of Browncoats all over the country descended on movie theatres and raised a lot of money for Joss Whedon’s favorite charity. The So-Cal Browncoats raised over $4K and there were 47 screenings total worldwide, so I’m excited to see what the total is going to be.

I am big damn fangirl. Hear me roar.

Yes, I did spend the whole day dressed up like Kaylee, what of it? πŸ˜›

I knit in line and during the show, too! Saw a lot of handmade Jayne Cobb hats. One gal was doing crochet. Truly, we are everywhere.

I meant to write about this earlier in the week but I have just been running like mad and not a lot of time to blog about it. On Thursday I went into Pasadena via the Metro bus and Gold line and visited Skein which I have been wanting to do for quite a while. I was really happy to see a lot of Jaeger yarns (I like Jaeger a lot) and they had many different fibers available. Silk, linen, bamboo and cotton were all in plentiful supply which is nice for this climate, and they even had a bunch of Habu yarns which were fun to fondle. I did think it was a wee bit overpriced, unfortunately. For example, I can get a lot of the Jaeger yarns for an average of $3 cheaper per ball/skein online, and most of the other yarns were priced $2-$3 higher than I normally pay. It’s a quandary. I want to support my LYS owners over internet ventures, but I cannot afford to throw away money and that’s a huge price difference for me. Especially if it is a large project.

The only complaint I really had about Skein was that the owner was really giving me a hard sell and would not just let me browse. Everytime I’d pick up a ball of yarn, she’d shove a pattern book in my face or start talking about the yarn. I think it was because we were the first customers of the day and the only ones in the store at the time. I am a browser, not a chatty customer. I like to walk around, look, take my time. I do not like to feel pushed. I usually have a clear idea of what I want. I probably would have purchased yarn had she left me alone, but with all the distractions I never had time to really bond with any yarn and talk myself into it. Ah well. It’s a nice little shop and not every knitter is as broke as me, so that extra few bucks a skein might not matter quite so much.

We also hit Vromans to see if they had any signed copies of Bourdain’s latest book left, alas, all sold out. The sock and I were very sad. Woe.

Misanthropic evil bitch goes to tea, sporks tea room hostess in cake fueled rampage. News at 11.
We had tea at the Scarlet Tea Room in Pasadena this week and folks, let me tell you, it was a trip and a half. Dear sweet fluffy god in heaven. I am not a pinkies up kind of girl. I wear combat boots to tea. I’ll put it this way, it’s a ruttin’ miracle that I didn’t stab anyone in the hand with my fork. Food and tea were great. Based on that, two thumbs up. But the ambience was so twee that you felt like you had to ram a broomstick up your arse just to maintain appropriate posture, the women would NOT leave us alone to drink tea in peace, they kept yammering at us and the cake is served in bloody “ladylike” proportions which, I have GOT to say, not a selling point for me. Thank you. Just give me my tea, shut up, go away and leave me alone. By the end of the tea I was growly and also snarky and my inside voice was not being nice and I was just happy to get OUT of there so I could collapse on the streetcorner and laugh. I like pretty china and I like atmosphere, but there’s a point where it becomes a parody of itself, where it becomes farce, and that’s where I draw the line.

I think that I perhaps am better off swilling my tea elsewhere in future unless I want to take someone special like my mom out for a fancy tea or maybe a baby shower for a friend, when that kind of precious atmosphere would actually be a benefit.


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7 Responses to Can’t Stop The Yarnwhores, or, My Big Damn Trip to Pasadena

  1. sopranospinner says:

    I so wish I could have made it to the Serenity event! I have a huge crush on Nathan Fillion and I missed it on the big screen! I am currently making my way slowly through the DVD’s of Firefly.

    I haven’t been to Skein (sounds to pricey to drive that far) but we have a couple of nice stores now here in Burbank.

  2. Knitty Cat says:

    Damn, I missed the serenity screening here! 😦
    Also, I’ve got to tell you about this horrid yarn shop near me. The woman who owns Brown Sheep Wool (yes I do name names!) has appointed herself the knitting police, and if you sport a tattoo, oddly colored hair, mulitple piercings, or happen to like black a lot, she watches you like you’re going to steal stuff. I hate that damn woman. Unfortunetly The Yarn Harlot is speaking THERE in september. Bummer. I’ll go, but I won’t like it.
    There’s also a lovely little tea shop. The place is funky, eclectic 40’s style place, and serves large enough slices of chocolate cake, that I couldn’t finish πŸ™‚ I’ll name names here too. It’s the Beehive Tea Room. πŸ™‚ (I think the owner sports a tattoo or two herself)
    So, the question is, Does one make up for the other? I’m not sure…

  3. roggey says:

    Working in a yarn store as a part-time gig, I realize it’s much like when I was a cocktail waitress. Some are there for the company, some just want to be left alone to sort it all out and then there are those persons coming in just to consume the product.

    Most of the time when a customer comes in to the yarn shop, I ask (politely) if there’s something I can help them find & they reply that they’re “just looking” – I give them space. Although I do go and check on them after ten minutes of not a peep, but I don’t hover.

  4. Lucia says:

    I am definitely a give-me-space kind of shopper, unless (rarely) I need something specific, and then I know how to speak up, thank you very much. (Woe unto me if I need something specific at K mart, in which case I first need to find someone to speak to, not always an easy task.) And, while, honestly, an extra couple of bucks per ball probably wouldn’t break my bank, it’s hard to justify if I don’t feel happy and comfortable in the store.

    Most of the LYSs in my area seem to have figured this out. Most of them know me, by face if not by name, so they’ll greet me when I walk in, but after that they leave me alone. There’s one with a very hovery owner who, anecdotally, seems to drive a lot of people away. Apparently she has a loyal core of customers and that’s how she stays in business. I don’t know anyone who’s shopped there lately.

  5. Geogrrl says:

    Mmm, yeah. If I love the shop, I’ll try to spend money there, even if it’s not large amounts. I’ll also direct people there.

    One that used to be in Calgary was the Fiber Hut–awesome place. The owner closed it up a few years ago. Not because it wasn’t doing well–it was–but the shop took up all of her time and she wanted to do other things. I still miss that place.

  6. knittyref says:

    Thank goodness, it wasn’t just me. When I went to Skein, the owner was literally 2 steps behind me the whole time. And I’m a 42 yo motherly looking type. I can’t shop in places like that.

    If you can make it to Monrovia, there’s a store in Old Town call Unraveled. No Jaeger, but lots and lots of other really good stuff priced right. When I’m in the area I always have to stop in.

  7. msfortuknit says:

    i heart your blog and your taste

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