fillin’ up the dumpster

The Jersey Knitter has informed me that when it comes to pillaging, pirates got NOTHIN’ on suburban moms at a fiber festival. Given that I’ve seen suburban moms in action at White Sales, I would definitely have to agree. Pirates at least have a Code! Well, really they are more of a set of guidelines, but… still. I’d take on a horde of pirates. A horde of suburban soccer moms fighting over a hard to acquire Koigu colorway? Fuggedaboutit. 😉

I’m pretty excited, I got my SP8 matchup and I get to play Angel for someone whose pal flaked during SP7. Now, I get to SHOP. Woohoo! That’s gonna be fun. As soon as payday rolls around, I’m off to Surfas and A Mano to scout out some goodies for this most urgent business. I’m extra excited to play angel.

There’s really NOTHING new going on with knitting this week. I’ve been patiently putting in rounds on Cam’s sock, but without an emergency room or doctor’s office to wait in for hours and hours, it seems to be going really slowly. Or perhaps it is just that second socks really do bend the space/time continuum and take four times as long? I also started reknitting the recently frogged left front Rosebud cardi panel and am almost at the decrease section again. Ho hum. This life stuff really does get in the way of my knitting.

We had carpet cleaners come yesterday which means the entire house was ripped apart and I’ve been putting things back together. While I was doing that, I sort of rearranged a bunch of stuff and created Living Room v. 3.0. It includes a knitting nook. It opened up a lot of space, lets in more light and the living room just looks much cleaner and less cluttered overall.

My goal this year is to declutter and recycle/reuse or get rid of at least 50% of our stuff. I’ve decided that instead of dealing with LA home prices (ridiculous!) my goal is to eventually get a plot of land or a tear down at auction and rebuild a tiny house on it. After the kids have grown and moved out, I mean. It’s so lovely here that we could incorporate all manner of outdoor areas for extra seating and living and an outdoor kitchen isn’t even out of the question. A tiny house would mean that even a modest sized LA lot on the westside would have a lot of garden space. One could even build *under* and incorporate things like a root cellar for food storage. I like the idea of approaching space a little differently, reducing my consumption and footprint, while at the same time living somewhere cool.

Dunno what I’d do with the yarn stash, though. It might need a vardo of its own.


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3 Responses to fillin’ up the dumpster

  1. Lucia says:

    I am currently knitting two socks at once (on two circs), which means when I am done, I am done. Doing pretty well, too, about an inch above the heel (toe up).

    I could get into that tiny-house thing too. Except for the yarn issue.

  2. Will Pillage For Yarn says:

    Lucia, I am convinced that the solution is to buy a second tiny house just for yarn.

  3. Jess says:

    Tiny could work, but only if I had a dance studio of my own as well. Next door. 🙂 I was never able to do get the hang of veilwork until I moved out of my dorm room.

    I’m sometimes jealous of my sister’s setup in Brooklyn: technically two bedrooms, but the whole thing is the size of my living+dining. Beautiful skylights, light everywhere, and everything perfectly chosen and placed just so: exactly where it’s needed, and somehow it all harmonized.

    I guess what keeps me out of tiny is that it requires a lot of order; if you leave your shoes on the floor and a magazine table, it’s a huge mess. And I’m not too comfortable with everything in order…

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