New LA yarn store… ho hum.

Checked out The Little Knitterie on Franklin at Vermont today while I was out and about enjoying a balmy LA winter afternoon. I’ve been sadly passing by their darkened storefront for several weeks on my way to Fred 62 (open 24/7 with the cutest waitresses in town) and of course, always when they were closed. I’d been dying to get in and check out the yarns.

Ho. Hum.

I wanted to like it. I tried. It’s like, half yarn store, half overpriced trendoid boutique all crammed into a very tiny storefront. Almost no natural light. One side of the shop has racks of (fugly) clothing and the other side has yarn. Sortof a mishmosh of stuff all over with boutique things sharing space with the yarn. The selection was this disappointing mix of novelty yarns interspersed with luxe, high priced designer yarns like Douceur et Soie, Kid Seta, GGH, Filatura di Crosa. They did have some Debbie Bliss cashmerino and cashmerino aran in limited colors and I found a few paltry skeins of Cascade 220 down at floor level, also in limited colors. Overall, SO disappointing and their prices were high, not so high that I laughed but high enough that I could think of at least 2 local storefronts where I could get the same yarn at a worthwhile savings. There was a real lack of what I would consider to be really basic, quality yarns for the serious knitter. They also had a fairly lousy selection of needles with only Daisy and Clover represented and not many styles or sizes at all.

Plus? And this is the worst! No sock yarn. Which of course, if you’re me, that’s the kiss of death for any return visits. If you don’t have sock yarn, don’t waste my time. I do like to support local business so to that end I bought two skeins of gorgeous, worsted alpaca handpaint but this is not a yarn store I’ll be haunting on a regular basis or recommending to my friends. I had to laugh at the teeny wrist warmers they were selling for > $35. They did give me a free tape measure and the girl who helped me find stuff was friendly enough so they at least get points for that. I give it six months and that’s sad because that area really could use a kicky little yarn shop and LA could use more locally owned businesses in general.

OTOH, there was a fabulous Spanish latte at Psychobabble and I used that to drown my yarn woes. Always nice to get a few hours out of the house and I had that Aussie along, even if he did abandon me the second I walked into the yarn shop.

I’m not sure how blogging really will make a difference on this issue except to raise awareness that yes, a woman’s right to choose is threatened constantly and SCOTUS is undergoing a dramatic shift which could up that threat considerably. But we all knew that and nobody is going to change anyone’s mind via the blogosphere. The polarization around this issue is not going to change. If you are informed enough to be thinking about this, then you already know that is a problem. So don’t just blog your support, ok? DO. Go volunteer to escort women through the gauntlet of protesters at a local clinic a few mornings a month. Give money to NOW. Give time. Volunteer. Show up. Be present. VOTE.

BTW, I’m really not interested in debating the choice issue here so please don’t leave me comments telling me why I’m wrong. I will defend to the death your right to believe that and say what you like in your own space, just as I have the right to say what I believe here in mine. I’d like to make a suggestion though, if you are spluttering at me about my pro choice beliefs. Take that energy and do something with it. Donate some of your time to a charity that helps new moms, lobby your political leaders to fund healthcare, childcare and other services for low income women in your state so that a baby isn’t something they have to make a choice about. Get your church to do something helpful. Do something to make this a country where women don’t have to make such a hard choice because they’ve got access to the resources they need to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Whatever you believe, don’t just talk. DO. Take thoughtful, helpful action. VOTE.

Whatever you believe? Do.


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  1. Z says:

    After dinner, I promise, I am linking to this.

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