A few Universal Truths to start your day

1. Trust the pattern. It knows what it’s doing generally, unless the designer is on crack, which sometimes happens. Usually, if there is crack involved, you’ll know pretty quickly.

2. Swatch. Please. Learn to swatch for gauge and learn to love the swatch. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a sweater that’s wide enough around for a three year old but short enough for a newborn baby. Really. And that’s just. Well. It looks like you were the one on crack when that happens, really.

3. Just say NO to crack.

Yep, so, swatching. Baby sweater. Take two.

Have gotten SP package #1 off in the mail and there is some smugness. It was a cool package. This package was all about stuff that I really love, that also fits into my SP’s interests and likes or stuff she wants to try. The next package is not going to be yarn oriented, but will be of a more sensory theme and then the last is planned to be all about stuff geared to her tastes and will include at least one thing that she said she really wants. I have a plan. Plans are good. Yet one more thing to indulge myself and be OCD about.

In other news, being forced to walk to the neighborhood Starbucks today for a nonfat latte proved just how flabby and out of shape I am and I think the new iPod and I are going to be taking regular morning walkies from now on to try to remedy this situation. I’ve got a ton of SB’s gift money so I can bribe myself with nonfat lattes as an incentive to make it up around the studio and it certainly will be all nice and heart healthy, now won’t it.

This is the other truism.

Butt size increases correspondingly with the increase in time spent sitting down knitting. Because usually there is a cup of milky tea and some cookies involved. Plus, sitting. On the butt. Which is growing.


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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