mystery solved… I think.

I have had a few skeins of “mystery laceweight” sitting around in my stash for months now – a gift from a friend in Denmark. Unfortunately, she wasn’t sure of the yardage per skein (or at least never said) and so that’s been a mystery. After some research* and noodling around, I am 99.9% sure it’s from handpainted yarn dot com. Definitely has that look and the overwhelming vinegar reek. I have two skeins of this. The frustration lies in that none of the shawls I’ve been thinking about making call for less than 1200 yards of yarn and I estimate I’ve got about 800-900 yards of the handpaint. I am not stupid enough to order from another dyelot and hope I get the same color. Have decided to make the Diamond Fantasy shawl v. II (not scarf, which is the size I made my mom) – that calls for 750 yards. Close enough. That’ll do, donkey, that’ll do.

I’m finding it a bit reassuring to do a pattern I’ve done once already while I get the knack of the eensy yarn. It really IS fiddly, but not hard, not really**. It swatched up very nicely and I’m about halfway through the first chart. The yarn is just delicious. It is also a pita to wind if you don’t own a swift and ball winder. It took me over two hours to wind the damn skein.

*this brings me to a pet peeve. I tire of how often I find myself muttering “Just GOOGLE IT already.” at people. It’s not restricted to knitting, I see it in a lot of places. Are we truly (as a society) incapable of going out, finding information, sifting through it and then applying what we’ve found? Or are we just lazy? Two phrases my children hate: “Just google it and then ask me again if you can’t find the answer.” and “Why don’t you get the dictionary down and look it up, then tell me what you found.”

**I’ve noticed that the things I squawk the loudest about like socks, dpns, lace, cables, colorwork aren’t really so much “hard” as just, fiddly and awkward. I find that generally once I’m over that initial frustrated throwing the yarn at the cat phase, I am shocked that I ever called something hard at all. Let’s not fool ourselves, there are knitting patterns that make me blanch and shiver and make the sign against evil under the table, but I do hope that I stop equating new skills with “hard/impossible, will run screaming from the room and never touch project again” and just think of them as “potentially fiddly, might throw at the cat once or twice but then the pennies will drop” overall. If only because, sometimes I avoid something because I’m afraid of it being TOO hard, whereas if it’s just fiddly, hell, bring it on. Ya know?

Right then. Mystery yarn. Bring it on.


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Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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