Talk elsewhere about bubbles got me to thinking today, how grateful I am for a closeknit community of like minded folks to whom I do not have to explain myself. I’m a complex person. I’m like an ogre. An onion. I gots layers and I don’t put ’em all out there for everyone to share in. So in light of that? How grateful I am for my little bubble of people who get all my pieces. They know me there. It nourishes me for when I have to go out and deal with people who look at me funny because of what I’m wearing, what my hair is doing, people who flip me off about the rainbow decal on my car, who judge my family structure, whatever. My bubble feeds me and keeps me sane while I navigate often unfriendly waters. My bubble is always growing and sometimes the people in it are not just like me, are surprising. You might not expect the people you find there.

What sparked this train of thought is this whole male knitter thing and people getting their knickers in a wad because some men want to start a magazine for men, by men, about knitting for men. Okay. Great! I fail to see why it is completely insulting to some people, maybe, I think, maybe move on. There’s so much more to get upset about and this really isn’t discriminatory if you ask me.

Male. Female. Gay knitters, straight knitters, polyamorous knitters, Jewish knitters, Christian knitters, Muslim knitters, knitters who love cats, knitters with gerbils, knitters with wool allergies, knitters who belong to PETA, knitters who prefer wool, kinky knitters, agnostic knitters, bisexual knitters, bipolypaganswitchknitterswithwheatallergies, whatever… we all need community with other knitters and sometimes we just wanna seal off a tiny corner of that knitverse and make it even more focused. We all need someplace where we can be with Family and feel like we aren’t gonna have to explain ourselves. Cos sometimes we’re tired and educating yet one more person is just… not where our heads are at.

There’s a knitters with cats webring. There’s a webring for knitters with dogs. I certainly would not feel excluded say, from the knitters with hamsters webring. Yes I’m a knitter but I lack that crucial hamster. So when it comes to men wanting male knit space? Well, yeah, I’m a knitter but I lack that crucial penis. So. Big. Whoop. There’s plenty of central ground where we can meet and play and my lack of penis or ownership of a vagina is not a factor in those places. It does not have to constitute a barrier we must smash down.

Despite all the little communities and subcultures I’m aware of and the ones I belong to or don’t belong to, it seems like we’ve all got lots of common ground as well. So lets focus on that, eh? If you think about it, the knitverse is just a microcosm of larger culture and society. Ain’t nothing going on here that isn’t mirroring what’s going on out there. It all filters down. I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time studying Judaism lately and asking myself what it means and what I want to do with it. The basic tenet really does seem to be that we’re supposed to treat each other well, with respect and compassion, in the way we’d like to be treated ourselves. So I’m not going to worry so much about what someone looks like or believes or whether we’re the same or not or whether I’m a member of their community or not. I’m just gonna shoot for respect and compassion and seek a deeper understanding of them in the ways that I can. That kind of includes letting folks have their space to do what they want as long as it’s not hurting me or mine.

Men writing about men knitting? Tell me again how that hurts me or mine? I fail to see. Rock on, boys.


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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  1. Vancouver Voyeur says:

    I’m searching for my brother, a Rainbow Family member. Please look at his picture on this site and let me know if you know him or have seen him. Thanks.

  2. Siel says:

    Give us links! I hadn’t heard of the anti-male-kintter sentiment till now, and wanna know more, and why — I think the world should be a knitty place — 🙂

    Also — When you got the time, take the Starbucks Challenge, and give us a tea review. 🙂

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