Well. It’s been a real couple of days, hasn’t it?

There’s a very young puppy being held in gulag next door to my apartment building. Today was Day #3. Puppy is sick/injured, it is beastly hot outside and puppy is out there all day and night. Puppy did not have food or water yesterday or the day before. Today I begged someone to give it water, which they finally did, grudgingly. We’ve been tossing puppy chow over the fence for it. Ridiculous number of phone calls and emails to SPCA-LA and Animal Control and I still have not managed to get an officer to come out and inspect – however, perhaps there is hope because late this afternoon someone at Animal Control grudgingly agreed to come out. Yes, I can be a tenacious bitch when I have a bug up my nose about something and animal cruelty is worth a little tenacity. If tenacity fails and Animal Control doesn’t show up, a neighbor and I are considering guerrilla action. It could involve lockpicks. Hilarity could ensue. If I don’t post for a while, please send bail donations.

If you have an animal emergency in the city/county of Los Angeles for the next two weeks or month, do not bother calling the SPCA. All their animal investigators and volunteers are in New Orleans and hurricane ravaged areas. I’m glad they’re helping? Don’t get me wrong? But I wish they’d left one or two hardy souls here to man the defenses. As it is, one very nice but frazzled guy is answering all the phones and he’s going a little nuts. Animal cruelty seems to go on in light of hurricanes elsewhere. Go figure.

Really, that’s been eating up my brain as well as breaking my heart. Hard not to get focused on it entirely. There’s not much else going on. Compiling a box for my SP6, trying to keep up with the laundry and doing endless rows of Diamond Fantasy. I’m a little pookie, really. There’s mushroom barley pumpkin soup for dinner though, which is appealing. And yet more Diamond Fantasy.


This was really just a huge soul sucking depressing waste of bandwidth, wasn’t it?


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2 Responses to

  1. dan says:

    Okay, maybe animal cruelty ticks me off because I have and love my dog.
    We’ve gone around in circles with the local SPCA here in D.C. I tend to call whenever there’s a dog or cat in trouble.

    Good for you for sticking through with it and keeping them on their toes.

    And I love the DELOCATOR. Thanks for turning me on to it.

  2. Will Pillage For Yarn says:

    Delocator is probably my favorite site ever. Perhaps they will singlehandedly save civilization from the Demon Corporate Menace.

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