It has become fairly obvious to me that my father really does not want hand knit socks for Christmas. Because every time I cast one on, there’s a huge steenkin’ problem. Let us recap. First, there was the infamous Tabby The Terror Of The Dog Park, or Why One Should Never Knit Near A Jack Russell Terrier incident. Following upon the heels fo Tabby, there was the Oh God This Plymouth Encore Is So Nasty I Can’t Stand To Knit With It realization followed by the I Am So Frogging This And Throwing My DPNs At The Wall incident. Then? And this is the latest, we have the I Followed the Pattern At Wiseneedle Exactly Yet This Sock Fits Me And Is Not Man Sized incident. Yep. Looks like Dad has some anti-sock voodoo happening up there in NoCal and I’m just going to take a hint and make something else for him this holiday season. Someone else is gonna get a nice pair of wool socks in Cascade Quatro with a basketweave pattern though. Cos if I have to frog these, I’ll cry.

I also cast on for a Shetland lace scarf in a sort of sampler pattern. It’s coming along nicely though I confess to some worry that the Knit Police might descend en masse because as usual, I am winging it entirely, and it might not be quite right as far as the meta-construction/overal design. So it might not be a “real” Shetland scarf as far as construction goes. It might be a faux Shetland. I’m using Shetland yarn, though. We’ll see. If I disappear suddenly, you’ll know why. The Knit Police will have tossed me into Knitters Re-Education Gulag.

I still have bronchitis, my earache has not abated and the smoke from all the fires is not helping with that very much. I’m wondering very much if I need to have different antibiotics or start using an inhaler. It’s getting a little wheezy around here.


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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