In which, we open with this interpretive dance.

yesterday was plain awful.

You can say that again!

yesterday was plain AWFUL!

But that’s. not now. that’s then!

Yes I *am* singing show tunes and yes they ARE from Annie. It’s my favorite bad day song and it always cheers me up.

So what do you do when you’ve come to the end of your rope and had a really crappy day?

Cast on a complicated lace shawl.

Actually, it’s not so complicated and it’s technically a scarf – Sivia Harding’s Diamond Fantasy scarf to be exact – and I’m doing it in a deliciously soft, handpainted wool/mohair blend for my mom (for ChristmaHannukwanzaamas) because spoiling her with lace and knitted stuff is fun. She used to knit, so she totally appreciates it. She’s also on SSI/disability, so can’t afford really fab things herself anymore so when I can spoil her a little? It makes me happy. Have I mentioned, my mom is my favorite holiday? This pattern is wonderful. It’s taking me some time to get the hang of the charts and I keep hearing that charted knitting is easier? I’m not thinking so, but it’s new, so I’ll give it time. I’m actually really glad I’m doing *this* one right now, because it is not only charted, it is written out, so I can check myself as I go. As I’ve often said, I think it is the process of constantly getting to master something new that keeps me so enthralled with sticks and string. The yarn, btw, is Mountain Colors wool/mohair and it is deeeelicious.

I’d show you a picture, but the digital camera has disappeared into So-chan’s bedroom. Upon entering to investigate, the Yarnpirate’s delicate sensibilities were assaulted by a pungent top note of Closed Window, quickly ripening into a fuller, richer tang that was redolent of Dirty Sock, with a noticeable base of Old Gym Clothes. When the Yarnpirate saw the empty apple pie tin (I’d wondered what had become of HALF A PIE seemingly overnight) and a fork, plus a few other dirty dishes, she shuddered and beat a hasty retreat.

Pictures later. It’s not worth risking life and limb over.

It is that time of year, kids. Zingermans is sending out the monthly pre-holiday catalogues. There’s nothing for it. I have resolved that I must go to their storefront in Michigan and taste everything in their deli, myself. Actually, it’s more that I want to pick the goodies up, look, smell, feel, THEN taste, than it is wanting to order a whole cake or loaf of bread. I want to go into ferret shock over it all in person, have throes of exploration, samples, and then painstakingly choose JUST THE RIGHT THING and carry it home for my tea in a little paper box. I do the same thing with yarn. Catalogs are nice? I wanna get tactile.

Also. One final word. There are these weird opaque grey things hanging in the sky over LA, odd noises and flashes of light have been alternating most of the night and now WATER IS FALLING DOWN. Reporters are flocking to beachfront communities and the news is showing endless loops of the WATER FALLING DOWN interspersed with graphic and horrifying imagery of those opaque grey things and the water striking pavement in various intersections.

It might be the end of the world. I’ll keep you posted.


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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