You know, I think this situation kinda blows donkeys for wooden nickels, and not in a good way. I emailed Belle Armoire about it. Sad because I love Somerset Studio mag which is put out by the same company, but if they are shafting small designers and artists like this, I don’t want to support their company. I love my Booga Bag. I use it almost every day. I learned a ton about basic bag construction by making myself a Booga Bag. The skillset I got from working her pattern has really informed my ability to freestyle the bags I make now. (Cos, we all know that I’m Not Good With Sticking To Patterns Girl.) What she does though, she has these ideas and it’s a whole package from start to finish – yarn choices, stitch count, the math she has to do to make sure the dimensions are right – that’s special. That’s what she does to put bread on her table. Wrong for this magazine to steal her pattern.

Speaking of bags. Finished the 2nd to last Pekoe bag today. Tried a variation on the flap that I’m really happy with. Instead of rounding it off or doing a point as in other bags, I did a feather and fan (2 repeats per row) but knit the Y/O’s twisted, so there’s no eyelet there. It just waves across the flap, horizontally. The last two 4 row pattern repeats I knit untwisted, so there is the feathering and fanning like one would normally see. I think thats’ going to be really nice once I felt it – the Kureyon color shifts kinda worked out so there’s a 4 row repeat per color. Looks planned, but utterly unintentional. I also picked up the strap and knit it right onto the bag, instead of constructing it all after felting. Not sure if that’ll work but we’ll see, right? I’m sure it’ll be just fine. I think this flap idea might be really great in one of the grey or blue colorways, to mimic waves and the ocean.

I’ll post a pic once it’s felted.

Think I’m gonna knit Kiri next, once that last Pekoe bag is done. And finish my Helene wrap. I’ve got the 2nd Wildefoote sock also going, but socks are ubiquitous. I don’t know as a sock counts as a WIP. It’s a sock. Always got one or two on needles these days. Afraid I’ve run out of enthusiasm for Tempting. Might frog it and use the yarn for something else, a shrug or cardi. *ponders*


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