I need to whip out the digital camera and take some pics. I finished the Mango Moon bag for C, have another bag in Noro going on needles. I’ve got another bag to make for M, a couple to mail out, and that is the last of the Pekoe bags. Done. Fin. I’m very glad for it. I’m pleased with how the Mango Moon bag came out. As per the usual, I winged it totally. Used #9 circs on the body – did it long and narrow in stockinette, so it’s more like a clutch shapewise, than a regular square handbag The fabric is pretty sturdy at this gauge. Used #15 straights on the flap – garter stitch, it’s very open and lacy. I plan to line the whole thing in some royal blue raw silk that I’ve had around foreeeeever and then it’ll be done. The blue silk will be gorgeous peeking through the lacy flap. Picked up 8 stitches on the side, knit a strap on #8’s (very very sturdy) in garter stitch and Bob’s yer uncle, one recycled silk Pekoe bag for a wool allergic friend. I’m nervous about the lining. I don’t usually line the bags. Hope it doesn’t look like shite.

I’m to the flap on the Noro bag on needles. Doing this one in garter stitch, I think, and rounding it off a bit. Not quite sure – we’ll see how it adds up. I have a sort of whimsical feel to this one. It really depends on who I am knitting each bag *for*, as to what it ends up being, and this person I’m making it for calls for whimsy.

Sometimes I worry that I’m not a “real” knitter because I never follow the damn patterns for anything. I just… go. But that’s how I live, so I guess it’s okay. True to type, anyway.

Someone ogled the sock I was knitting tonight at Fred 62. I like Fred 62 because of a few things. 1. BLT sandwiches are really good there. 2. Mac and Cheese is really good there. 3. They have ceramic dog bowls for the patio, so your dog can have water, free of charge. Each dog gets a bowl from the waitress, with fresh water. 4. Great waitresses. 5. Apple bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and caramel. 6. Did I mention, the BLT’s? I got into a great knitting discussion last time I was there too. Everyone always asks me, “Oh, is’nt that really trendy now?” and then I want to slap them. Do I look like I’m using duraflame logs and cheap ass novelty yarn to whip out yet another drop stitch skinny scarf? No? No.

While dining, we saw the actor who played Mercutio in the DiCaprio Romeo a few years back, who was on Lost this season, previously of Oz. I think he was there for the kick ass waitresses and maybe some Mac n Cheese. He’s smaller in real life than I thought. They usually are. I ogled discreetly from a distance. Like ya do.


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Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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